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Consumerable Items If you are looking for the best consumerable items manufacturers in Bhopal, we will be the right place. We at Naval Tech Fabrication seals in the manufacturing of different types of industrial consumerable items. All these items are made of high quality raw products. Therefore, you will not face any issue regarding the quality in future in any of our products. We are a reputed manufacturing house. Therefore, we have hired the most experienced and skilled engineering staff. Our production engineers have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the production sector. Our engineers have been working in this sector for many years. They deploy their experience in producing the high quality consumerabel items. The consumerable products that we make include GSM blades, pick glass, and moisture meter. All of these products have high efficiency and excellent quality. Our Production System We have an excellent production system. First of all, we check the quality of raw materials. This is the primary step of production. By testing the quality of the raw materials, we will eliminate the chances that may come in the nest processes. After the confirmation of the quality of the raw materials, they are sent to the production department. Hare, the production of these products begins. These products are supervised by expert engineers during the manufacturing process. After the completion of the manufacturing process, the products are sent to the quality testing department. Here, our quality testing team performs many quality tests on the products to check whether there is any defect in the product or not. On Time Delivery We have an excellent delivery system. We deliver all the products on time. This helps us create trust among the customers. Simply visit our website and place your order, your product will be delivered at your doorstep on time. This makes us one of the best consumerabel items suppliers in Bhopal.

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GSM Blades

GSM Blades use for cutting the samples for GSM Tester.

  • Country of origin : German
  • Brand : LUTZ
  • Thickness : 0.2mm
  • Yellow plating stainless steel

Pick Glass

To be use for counting yarn contain by a fabric in one particular area.

  • Gauge length : 1 inch
  • Magnification Capacity : 10 x zoom
  • LED Light
  • Counting needle

Paper Moisture Meter


Paper Moisture Meter use to check the moistuer of Paper, paper boards and paper Products.

  • Model                              : Metravi   MM2
  • Test  Range                      : 5% to 40%
  • Accuracy                          : + 1%
  • Display                             : LCD
  • Power                               : 9 V Battery
  • Operation Temp.              : 0oC - 40 oC (32oF - 104oF)
  • Resolution                        : 1%


  • Low battery symbol
  • Digital Large size LCD display
  • High resolution and quick response